Sordid Details The Fine Print

Let's put on a show!

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now officially a producer! The following steps will help make sure you put on the best show possible.

Step One: Know Your Budget
The base price for an original murder mystery is $1,250.00 plus expenses. This is for a show featuring professional actors and/or local “stars”. Since our mysteries can require a varying number of actors and resources, please contact us for a specific quote.

Step Two: Know The Event Location
Most of our mysteries take place in a dinner theater setting. We do our performing during cocktails (with or without alcohol) and between courses. This way while eating, the audience can discuss whom they think is the murderer and who will be the victim. By you reaching out to local restaurants, banquet halls, hotels, and mansions this will set the scene for a great night out and the murder mystery company you hired the perfect entertainment.

NOTE: We also perform at locations where dinner is not served (such as community theaters), so don't think that dinner is a requirement. In this case, depending on the location, we do suggest that hors d’oeuvres and/or snacks, and beverages are available for the audience.

Step Three: Know Your Audience
Is this a corporate event for employees and their families, a fundraiser for investors, an event for all ages or 21 and over, how many people will be there, etc? The more you know about your audience the more unique entertaining show we will create. Will the audience be your IT Department? This is when we create a character that might die by mouse or a CD tray. Is the audience made up of people who live in the town where the event takes place? This is when we create a character that will come in and tear down the oldest building in town to build a casino.

Step Four: Know Our Contact Information
Time to contact us! You can reach us with our contact form or feel free to call us directly:
Paul: 312-550-7868
Eric: 402-250-1048

We will collaborate with you on making sure you get the best show for your buck and that your audience will have such a great time, they'll tell all their friends about us.

Putting together an event for a large number of people can be difficult. When it comes to entertainment though, that’s easy. It's Murders 4 Fun!