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Next Murder Mystery: It's Murder Out There 

217 Productions, Inc. and Murders 4 Fun

proudly present: “It’s Murder Out There! ™”

An Outline for a “Follow-Doc Reality” Television Show

Created by Paul Warshauer

Developed by Michael Lynn and Paul Warshauer

Associate Producers: Gary Kroeger and John Luzaich

Executive Producers: (Investors)

“It’s Murder Out There! ™” is a partially scripted reality TV show that follows the antics of the author, writer, producer, production staff, and an acting troupe as they present high class original murder mystery performances around the country. The backstage antics, romances, fights, and creative processes are captured as the “Murder Mystery Bus” travels from city to city with the Troupe, the Host/Author and staff. Two celebrities area on the day of the show to “star” and the proceeds of the live theatrical show go to local charities. View full PDF HERE.

No TV show has ever captured LIVE theatre antics like this!! 

©1991-2015 by Paul Warshauer and 217 Productions, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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