Corporate Events

In over 20 years, Murders 4 Fun has put on a many different types of murder mysteries. We've also performed in many different types of settings. There have been mansions, banquet halls, conference rooms, libraries, lunchrooms, decks of cruise ships, hotels, and even a rodeo arena! (Yes, we performed right there in the dirt ring.)

Wherever there is an audience, we will be there.

A few of our most popular story lines include:

Corporate Take Overs
A highly popular theme for our corporate clients is that of the threat of a company buy-out. The audience becomes the employees where they hear both sides of the story and if this could benefit them. With tensions high over the future of the company, someone will of course die. Also thrown in there, like all our mysteries, is a juicy love triangle.

A town meeting has been called to discuss the building of a casino in the area. The show involves the mayor, an architect, and for some spice... the mob!

The mother-in-law has been, traditionally, a root of evil. (Cinderella anyone?) A popular murder mystery has been when the mother-in-law is knocked off and everyone is a suspect! She’s an easy woman to hate.

We've done shows that are center around New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's, Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. (Who Killed Santa?)

We've also done historical murders from the middle ages, "Murder at the Castle Morkill" to the Civil War, "Murder at Tarra". (Loosely based on the film "Gone With The Wind".)

When booking your show, feel free to use some of our most popular to themes. Establish that your organization is extraordinary and ensure high participation at your event by hosting this popular activity.

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