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 The time …and place…

…of the murder can be any time! The setting can be anywhere you want!

To date, murders have occurred in all 50 States 
including London and Paris! They have even been performed on cruise ships! We perform in hotels, ballrooms, mansions, libraries, company lunchrooms and retreats.

Make your state our next murder venue!

We have done historical murders from the middle ages, “Murder at the Castle Morkill” for the Society for Creative Anachronisms to Civil War murders, “Murder at Tarra,” loosely based on the time and plantation from “Gone with the Wind!”

We love performing in historic mansions and use the site and history to enrich the murder! “Murder at the Stortz Mansion” was presented at the historic Renaissance Mansion in Omaha and featured a beer baron’s family as a backdrop for the murder!

Here are just a few of the more than 300 ideas we’ve created …

  • Rodeo Murder! The show was performed literally in a rodeo arena on the dirt.
  • Safeway Grocery Murder! We killed the victim in a box crusher. We made a flattened cardboard cutout of the victim with a flattened Xerox photo of his head. When the cross examination came we put a bicycle pump on his leg and filled him to 40psi off stage … he came out “pressurized”… and able to tell the audience what happened!
  • Murder at a 75th Birthday party! The birthday boy’s REAL life story provided the setting for the murder on his birthday! He had been a world traveler and had lots of stories, and knew lots of colorful characters. The birthday boy’s REAL grandson played the birthday boy!
  • “Romeo & Juliet” Murder Mysteries! We offer stories about two rival matzo families … especially popular with synagogues, youth groups, men’s and women’s clubs, and Hebrew day schools.